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I didn't see the movie, so I don't know what's wrong or right or true or not.
That's what everyone should do, analyze and interpretate films instead of watching them with the brain turned off.
I think it's funny how you use this dialogue between two pirates to present your message-analysis.
Maybe add voice acting and improve the drawing to make it perfect :)

Lare responds:

You don't get it. This flash isn't about Fight Club, it's only about pirates and their stupidity.

not bad

not bad, but too fast. use buttons or slow down the whole thing.


worst voice acting ever

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I give you a 6/10 and a 3/5.
Graphics: simple, but okay
Music: simple, but okay
Gameplay: simple and awesomly frustrating, but okay

I player it with a wacom tablet and got to area 13, but i can't stand it no longer.


This makes me think. The message is not that clear, but I think I got it. We should not, but if we do, then it can happen, that we end somehow we don't want to. BUT! There is always a way to do it, even if you're not aware, it's there and you just have to take it. So in the end, it's all about the same thing.
And no, god doesn't exist.

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I just give you a 9/10 because its too heavily influenced by "Everyday The Same Dream" ;)
But anyway, very good game.

I thought, maybe i could replay it, if I download it... but FAIL!


It starts on the last day in the entrance hall of the lab, and then I can go to work but I die in the lab...

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Heavy Metal Song??

Nice, I played this piece on piano :)
But why Heavy Metal Song? If you had made a nice (Bass)guitar-solo out of it, I'd give you a ten. But like this, 7 for the effort. There's nothing bad, but neither something really new or impressive. It's not a new idea to remix classical melodies... You should have made it more Heavy metal-like. It would be great.

I personally do not like Electronica (except Hardcore ;)), so It's just my opinion.

I wanted to listen to this song, becaus I like Metal and also classical Music, and if both are combined, I think it's perfect, so I was a little disappointed...

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